20 Back-to-School Affirmations to Kick off the School Year!

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You might have heard of affirmations and that they can be really powerful, but do you know why? The messages we send ourselves influence how we feel about ourselves. They are an amazing tool for kids to improve wellbeing, boost self-esteem, encourage creative thinking, decrease stress, and help develop a positive inner voice. We can start by affirming our kids ourselves. 

An affirmation is a short, powerful statement. Delivered with a light-hearted tone and paired with a hug, an affirmation can help your kids to be resilient, strong, and ready to face challenges.

Why affirmations for back to school?

Making new friends, learning new information, sitting at a new desk — returning to school brings so much newness for many kids; newness can be a source of stress. Here are some back-to-school affirmations that you can use to help your child feel confident in tackling a new school year.

  1. You/I take pride in my Oshkosh home, school, and community.
  2. You/I respect my parents, teachers, classmates, and myself.
  3. You are/I am smart.
  4. I am talented.
  5. I will have fun.
  6. I am kind.
  7. I am special.
  8. I am loved.
  9. I am an Oshkosh (insert your hometown) kid!
  10. I am ready to make new friends
  11. I am ready to learn.
  12. I am excited to learn something new.
  13. Learning is my superpower.
  14. I learn from my mistakes.
  15. I can learn anything.
  16. Mistakes help me learn and grow.
  17. I am a problem solver.
  18. When I don’t succeed I try again.
  19. I always try my best.
  20. I ask for help when I need it.

Where to Use Back-to-School Affirmations?

The neat thing about these words is that you can practice and use them anywhere. 

Here are some ideas on where to use affirmations

  • While eating breakfast
  • On the drive to school
  • In your child’s backpack or book for a pick-me-up throughout the day
  • Taped to your child’s lunchbox or snack
  • On the bathroom mirror
  • Hanging on the fridge or a bulletin board

Our Favorite Resources

Big Life Journal has awesome growth mindset and affirmation resources for kids, including printables, activities, and a podcast.

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