New Podcast Episode: Let’s Talk About Raising Kids with Love and Logic

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On our latest Let’s Talk podcast, Amanda Chavez and Karlene Grabner are joined by Cassandra Doran of Provident Financial Consultants and Jen DiMatteo of Parent Connection, a program of Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin. Being a parent is one of the most intricate and important relationships that we’ll ever have. What if there was a philosophy that could guide us through the evolutions in a way that fosters connection and trust while building independence? How do we navigate guidance and discipline while maintaining a trusting relationship with our children? How can we help our children with a secure financial future and good choices now? 

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About our Guests

Jen DiMatteo
Parent Education Program Coordinator with Parent Connection, a program of Family Services of Northeast Wisconsin

Passionate about supporting parents, Jen has been working with families in the Fox Valley and Oshkosh for the last decade. From poverty and addiction to child protection and family strengthening, she feels passionate about building knowledge, skills, and connection with parents for their families. Jen plans parent education workshops and presentations, offering research and evidence-based curriculum that is relevant to the needs of families. She is a certified trainer through the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and trained to lead Love and Logic, Positive Parenting, and Cooperative Co-Parenting curriculum.  

She is also a mom of two sons. She understands the challenges other parents face, and can relate to the same questions and concerns many in our community have.  

Cassandra Dorn, CFP

Financial Consultant, Provident Financial Consultants

Cassandra is a certified financial planner professional. With a love for finance and helping others, Cassandra knew at a young age that she wanted to follow in her father’s footsteps and become a financial consultant. Cassandra is passionate about and deeply involved in the Oshkosh community. She is actively involved in the Women’s Fund Grant Committee of the Oshkosh Area, the Paine Art Center and Gardens, Women in Management, and the Oshkosh West Side Association.

Episode at a Glance

  • 1:00 Introduction to Love & Logic.
  • 4:16 Family Contributions vs. Allowance
  • 8:52 Having your Kids Back
  • 10:36 Letting Kids Learn from Natural Consequences
  • 12:18 An Example of the Value of Money
  • 13:59 How to Teach your Kids about Money
  • 20:15 Modeling Behavior
  • 21:22 The smallest gestures can speak volumes.
  • 24:35 How to help your kids separate need from want.
  • 28:37 The Importance of Financial Literacy for Parents
  • 33:14 The Importance of Role Models in Financial Literacy


Next Episode

In our next episodes, we’ll be talking about water safety, sports, and family adventure!

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