New Podcast Episode: Let’s Talk About Making a Difference in Youth Sports

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On our latest Let’s Talk podcast, Amanda Chavez and Karlene Grabner are joined by Ali Starr of Tashi Deley. Often, today’s youth sports look very different from when we were young. With new technology, the commercialization of sports, and early specialization, there are a lot of challenges that parents and kids face in navigating the modern sports landscape. Playing sports comes with lots of benefits for kids, but there are also common issues: pressure to win at all costs, economic barriers to participation, parent over-involvement, and referee shortages. How can parents navigate these issues and focus on those benefits and positives? How do we keep our kids active and having fun? And, is anyone playing casual or pick-up games anymore? 

About our Guest

Ali Starr, Owner Tashi Deley

Ali Starr started her business, Tashi Deley (Ta-She De-lay), to pursue a passion and a dream. Prior to creating Tashi Deley and working at Verve, where she had a huge impact on organizational culture, she was the principal at Lourdes Academy Elementary Schools in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, while coaching their High School girls’ basketball team. Ali has also worked for the NBA, NCAA, and NBC. 

Outside of Tashi Deley, Ali enjoys golfing, basketball, fishing, creating arts/crafts, and, last but not least, dance parties with her children Penelope and Vincent.


Next Episode

In our next episode, we’ll be talking about water safety!

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