A New Parent Support Group in Oshkosh: Love the Mess

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Local Oshkosh moms and friends, Abby Dover and Alyssa Zoller, recently started a group to support parents and caregivers with children of any age with disabilities and/or mental health challenges. 

Why was it important for you to start this group?

“We wanted to start this group because we have found that many families are going through some tough times but do not feel they have anyone they can talk to that understands what the day to day life looks like. We wanted to create a safe place where caregivers could share their struggles and successes without being judged, shamed, or talked down on. As well as learn some things along the way!”

What kind of topics will be discussed?

“We have a variety of topics we would like to discuss some include Anxiety, dealing with family members thoughts/opinions, day-to-day struggles, sensory needs, IEPs/504, resources, and any others that may come up along the way”. 

Anything else you’d like to share?

“Our group is open to any caregivers that have kids/adults with any disability or mental health struggles. Right now we have it set up as for adults, however, we want to have family meetings, outings/activities, etc. “

We are a new group and are really working on getting people to attend our meetings and spread the word to other families in need. We are having our first family outing at the end of February. A flyer will be coming out soon with more details. 

Meeting Information

Come share your story, offer advice, and learn together, one meeting at a time!

  • Who: parents and caregivers with children of any age with disabilities and/or mental health challenges 
  • When: First and Third Tuesday of the Month from 6-7 pm
  • Where: Hooper Community Center, 36 Broad St, Oshkosh

Join the Facebook group!

For more information contact lovethemessgroup@gmail.com

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