New Podcast Episode: Let’s Talk About Reading & Literacy

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Let's Talk Literacy and Reading

On our third episode of Let’s Talk, Amanda Chavez and guest co-host, Tania Harrison are joined by Kallie Schell and Kelly Steinke to talk about reading and sharing stories with our kids, ideas for encouraging more reading, and when to worry about our reluctant readers. How can we fit more time for reading into our schedules? Where do we get help if we’re worried about our learning readers? And how do we know if we need help in the first place? We tackle these questions and more with help from our guests. 

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Meet Our Guests

Kelly Steinke, M.Ed., NBCT, Founder, READ Learning Educucational Services, LLC

Kelly Steinke is the founder of READ Learning Educational Services, LLC. Kelly began her career as a special education teacher and taught for almost 20 years in the Midwest, East Coast, and Pacific Northwest. During this time she became a National Board Certified Teacher in Exceptional Needs, earned a Master of Arts Degree in Education (Administration and Leadership). Since 2015, Steinke has offered private one-on-one reading interventions, educational consultations, dyslexia screening, coaching in executive functioning skills, speaking engagements, professional development courses, and district-level consulting services through her company READ Learning.  Kelly also teaches at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, is the former president of the Wisconsin Branch of the International Dyslexia Association, and is a published author.  Silver Moon Spelling Rules is a specialized curriculum that Steinke created to reach students who struggle with reading and spelling and teachers who need training and curriculum to help those students.  In her free time, Kelly enjoys spending time outdoors with her husband, twin daughters, and Brittany Spaniels, Natty, and Fisher. Kelly also enjoys reading, seeing live music, and living an active lifestyle.        

Kallie Schell, Oshkosh Public Library

Kallie Schell received her Masters in Library and Information Science in 2019 from St. Catherine University in St. Paul, MN. She began her career in Hudson, Wisconsin before graduating. After graduation, she moved to Fond du Lac, WI to work with kids ages 0-18.  Currently, she works with elementary-aged children at the Oshkosh Public Library. In her free time, Kallie likes to volunteer with the Ice Age Trail Alliance, bike, read and experiment with new recipes! 

Episode at a Glance

  • 1:44 – How do we start building those reading habits right when they’re little right when they’re babies?
  • 5:49 – Getting kids to enjoy reading
  • 9:07 – How can families explore stories and literature together with busy schedules? – Listening to books, Playaways, audiobooks, books on CD, Epic, Hoopla
  • 16:57 – What about if there is more happening than reluctance—how do we recognize that?
  • 23:51 – What are resources that are available to us as parents to help kids that are struggling get the right help? What kind of help is available at school?
  • 34:06 – Bright Young Dyslexics
  • 35:06 – Can kids have dyslexia and dysgraphia?


Next Episode

More information coming soon! Check out our previous episodes Let’s Talk About Helping Kids Navigate Life Online and Let’s Talk About Family Wellness & Connection.

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